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Youngsters stage new climate change protest

06 December, 2019

Pupils from Islington primary schools took part in a third day of climate change action at the Town Hall

MORE than 150 school children descended on the Town Hall to raise their voice against climate change.

Islington’s deputy mayor, Troy Gallagher, met the chanting youngsters who had spent the week gearing up for the march by painting placards.

Pupils from Thornhill, Hanover, Canonbury, Laycock, St Mary Magdalene, Grafton, St Marks, and Drayton Park primary schools all came out on Friday.

A representative from each school was given a minute to give a speech which included accusa­tions that the government is “destroying” their futures by “ignoring the climate crisis.”

The march was part of a wave of children’s strikes and protests that have been inspired by 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

Islington is one of many councils to declare a climate emergency.

Mother-of-two Miranda Irwin, who attended the rally with her daughter, said: “The children are showing that, even though they are still very young, they have a voice and can use it.

“Teachers have reported that children feel less anxious and overwhelmed with climate anxiety when they are taking action, and attending rallies and protests has made them feel empowered.”

This was the third time school pupils have rallied outside the Town Hall.

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