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Yet again we see last-minute changes concerning the 100 Avenue Road scheme

01 November, 2018

• YET again 100 Avenue Developers Essential Living (EL), who want to construct their 24-storey tower next to Swiss Cottage Open Space by sending their massive lorries through the open space, our pedestrian market area and narrow Winchester Road, are adding yet more appendices and information to their Construction Management Plan (CMP) at the last minute.

No time at all has been given for the community and councillors to digest the new information or respond to it. Planning officers are already writing up their report to recommend the CMP to be heard at the November 15 planning meeting. This means that their summary of objections collected thus far will not reflect the new changes made in the CMP. No notification has been given of these changes to anyone.

There have been three appendices added; two removed; a new market plan; a new letter from Transport for London; new information about Park Land Access and restricted covenants; and a revision to the 35 page Appendix W: ‘Responding to queries raised at the planning committee on 19/07/18’ (previously 32 pages) which needs scrutinised again if we’re to avoid the kind of staggering so-called “error” that EL made where they wrote there would be 50+ vehicles per “week” instead of 50+ per “day” – that Cllr Steve Adams fortuitously pointed out just before the July 19 meeting.

It should not be down to a few members of the community to keep discovering these amendments and updates to keep everyone informed. This is the job of the developers. Camden must do the right thing and defer this meeting until everyone has had the time to properly absorb this new information.

Chair, Save Swiss Cottage

Chair, Combined Residents of South Hampstead (CRASH)

Honorary Secretary of Belsize Residents’ Association (BRA) 


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