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With the 100 Avenue Road development Camden has a duty of care to the public

17 March, 2017

• IN breach of requirements by the secretary of state and the inspector under “Condition 31”, Camden were, apparently, all set to agree to developer Essential Living’s plans for a tower block above Swiss Cottage station, before EL’s foundation plans had received London Underground Ltd’s “full approval”.

Underground’s most recent letter offers Camden, and the travelling public, little reassurance: it merely states its engineers are “in communication” with EL with “no comment to make on the application except that the developer should continue to work with LU engineers.”

Concerned local groups commissioned and presented the planning department with an independent, structural engineer’s report.

It is clear from our report by SDStructures (SDS) that there are serious omissions throughout EL’s plans.

In particular, SDS draws attention to how EL’s own report admits the “high hazard” potential impact from HS2 works to the 100 Avenue Road building and its foundations is yet to be resolved.

Suspicions that Camden’s team had failed to comply with Condition 31 during processing of this application were confirmed when the planning department immediately passed SDS’s report to London Underground before posting it on their own website.

Camden have made no effort to produce a report of their own.

In 2014 the planning committee rejected this development in support of massive objection from its constituents.

The secretary of state overruled that decision in February 2016.

It beggars belief that Camden should abdicate their duty of care to the public like this – when the demolition process alone could cause severe damage to a major Underground line, as well as public buildings and amenities.

Let Camden know that, “In the light of the SDS report and, having failed to comply with Condition 31, neither Camden nor London Underground Ltd can justify their approval of EL’s Application no. 2016/6699/P.

Email:, with Ref 2016/6699/P in the subject box.

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