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With crime on the increase, look at Theresa May’s record now and as home secretary

11 October, 2018

Theresa May

• AS home secretary, in June 2010, Theresa May announced that the policing pledge had been scrapped as a result of the emergency budget to reduce the public deficit.

In July 2010 she decided to scrap anti-social behaviour orders, which took her five years to replace, on the basis that the numbers issued were declining.

Again in 2010 May made the mistake that Margaret Thatcher never made in the 1980s and agreed to a Treasury demand to cut police budgets by 18 per cent and now police numbers are 16 per cent below their 2009 peak, despite a sharp rise in recorded crime.

She then announced reform of police stop-and-search powers in 2014. “Nobody wins when stop-and-search is misapplied. It is a waste of police time,” she told MPs.

Her immigration policy was a disaster, too, creating a “hostile environment” while controlling migration ineffectively etc. Indeed as PM May is cavalier about civil liberties and quick to evade responsibility when it suits her.

Incidentally, our local Safer Neighbourhoods Team had four members in 2011, then it was three in 2017, and now I hear they are under pressure with two.

No wonder feral gangs are a bigger danger than terrorism, and why burglars have had free rein for the past six years, and how “crack addicts” are able to smoke their pipes in public places without fear of being pulled.

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