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Why this level of street clutter and surveillance?

27 November, 2020

• AS a keen walker and cyclist, it pains me to have to sound off about the waste of public money and damage to the New River Conservation Area caused by the intricate changes to traffic flows in the streets west of Amwell Street.

Lloyd Square has now been turned into four cul-de-sacs. This change alone has required eight new black poles with 34 new traffic signs attached to them and to existing lamp-posts, seven bollards across the street, 11 large bicycles painted on the road and a camera mast bristling with surveillance devices more appropriate to a maximum security prison.

For what purpose are we having to endure this breathtaking amount of street clutter? Solely to stop the modest number of vehicles entering Lloyd Baker Street at Mount Pleasant from exiting onto Amwell Street.

This seems to be more about currying favour with City Hall and or No 10 than about genuine improvements to our built environment. Let us hope that common sense prevails when these bizarre arrangements are reviewed next year.

Lloyd Square, WC1


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