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Why the closure of the café in Swiss Cottage library is an important issue

07 September, 2017

• DAVID Reed’s letter about the closure of the Delice café in Swiss Cottage Library (Why do we vote for a Labour council if all they do is cut and cut and cut, August 31) might make some readers wonder why, at a time of such cataclysmic events as Brexit, the New Journal should provide space for a letter about a small café on the second floor of a public library.

But both Reed and the New Journal clearly understand the connections in a way that our councillors sadly do not in this case.

As our economy is losing momentum in relation to that of the European Union, our government shaped by lies and incompetence, our urban landscape losing its identity as it is relentlessly privatised, we need every inch of public and convivial space we can preserve.

The Delice was a place enjoyed by people of all types and ages – from pensioners to students and all points in between. Its closure is a dereliction of care for the community at a time when we need it most. A caring council should reopen it as soon as possible.


• A spokesman for the council said: “It was the owner’s decision to close this café. Camden Council very much values the additional services a café brings to the library users and will seek an alternative operator.”


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