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Why should a ‘spring clean’ be so costly and subject to such delay?

12 September, 2019

Cartoon by John Sadler

• IN a letter of March 26 this year from Camden Council, headed “Notice of Intention”, I learnt that they were proposing to “carry out Spring Clean” (their exact words) on the small and quite well-maintained estate where I own a one-bedroom flat.

The cost to me and to every other leaseholder on the estate will be £2,260. For the past six months we have been living with this Sword of Damocles above our heads.

None of my attempts to get a reasonable explanation of how a “spring clean” can cost that much, nor when it is going to happen (spring is long past) have got anywhere worth reporting.

After reading Richard Osley’s article that the council cannot keep up with necessary repairs (Housing chiefs hit by deluge of calls for council home repairs, September 5) the promised scheme to brighten up our estate seems more questionable than ever.



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