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Why give gulls such a bad press?

06 June, 2019

Seagulls are ‘very sensitive birds’

• HOW dare Richard Osley pick on beautiful seagulls, slurring them as “the most ruthless thieves in the sky”, and blaming them for spreading rubbish, (Is the Camden High Street seagull to blame for messy pavements? May 30).

Of course, seagulls will search for food where they can find it, but they do very little damage, and any they do is more than made up for by their beauty, exquisite flight and cute high-flown birdsong.

Unlike some animals seagulls are not scavengers, as such, as they hunt and catch fish in a seascape habitat that hasn’t deprived them of available fish. They’re just enterprising.

There’s a notice on Brighton beach front warning people not to leave sandwiches etc unattended, as seagulls might take the food – a natural outcome – and far from a major problem.

Seagulls swooping down to nick an occasional chip or sandwich rarely hurt anyone, and certainly nor deliberately or dangerously. I’ve been to Brighton many times, for the sea, and seagulls have never tried to filch any food from my picnic on the beach.

In fact, I’ve had to coax them to come closer to share my picnic with me, and their company has been a lot more courteous, sweet, melodious, soothing and far less ruthless than that of some humans!

The seagulls in London are a lot quieter this week. They’re very sensitive birds, so I blame you for making them feel unduly disliked and depriving me of the beauty of their sound.

(songwriter name), NW1


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