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Why don’t many churches back the RoadPeace prayer events call?

07 December, 2017

• IT is disappointing that this year only 22 churches nationwide responded to RoadPeace’s request to hold prayerful events in November in remembrance of those killed and injured on Britain’s roads.

Most take place on the third Sunday in November, a week after Remembrance Sunday. Such occasions offer comfort and companionship to those bereaved or injured by such tragedies.

In London a RoadPeace service was held at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, where we were told that last year 103 people had perished on London’s roads.

Altogether 1,792 people died on Britain’s roads, and 69 of these were children. A total of 448 pedestrians were killed, effectively one in four of all such deaths. Also dying were 319 motorcyclists and 102 cyclists.

Yet it is still rare to learn of any church leader speaking out against such carnage on the country’s highways.



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