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Who stole our scarecrow? Children’s creation pinched from outside Royal Free

What horrible people would do this?, asks school headteacher

17 May, 2017 — By Tom Foot

The scarecrow made by children at Hampstead Hill School

A SCARECROW made by little children in a bid to spruce up a hospital community garden went “walkabout” this weekend.

But rather than enjoying a musical fantasy adventure in search of a brain, as told in The Wizard of Oz, this straw man is feared stolen.

The scarecrow had only been in the flower beds at the front of the Royal Free Hospital for a fortnight after it was created as part of an Easter project at Hampstead Hill School.

Andrea Taylor, the school’s headteacher, said: “It’s very sad because it was done by the children and they spent time on it as part of their Easter holidays. They made it using broom handles and with straw stuffed into an old shirt – someone bought a hat from the charity shop, that sort of thing. The children really enjoyed doing it – but now it’s vanished, I think early on Saturday morning. What horrible people would do that?”

She added: “It’s a sad world. But all you need is some over-alcoholed people late at night to get the idea to take it and dump it somewhere. Just 18 months ago, some people jumped over a fence and stole our bird baths. There are no police anymore. Let’s face it, every criminal-minded person knows that there are no police left walking around Hampstead. ”

A volunteer group has for several months transformed barren land outside the Royal Free into colourful and sweet-smelling flower beds. But their efforts are often hampered by discarded fag butts from smokers who are now being told not to smoke directly outside the entrance to the hospital. Scarecrows are normally placed in fields to discourage crows and sparrows from feeding on new crops.

Last month the New Journal reported on the new scarecrow that was the brainchild of volunteer and activist Linda Grove.

Ms Grove said: “Sadly, the lovely scarecrow, which the children made, has gone ‘walkabout’. “If anyone sees him can they kindly return him to his home on the flower bed behind the school or in to the charity office in the Royal Free.”

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