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Whittington records its busiest day – ever

‘Record-breaking’ attendances at hospital’s A&E department over the Christmas break

31 January, 2020 — By Tom Foot

THE Whittington A&E has recorded its busiest day in history 10 years after health bosses said it was no longer needed and tried to shut it down.

The Highgate hospital reported a “record-breaking” 383 attendances at its casualty in 24 hours over the Christmas break – the busiest day ever. On average, there were 315 attendances each day during December.

A report warned that the A&E, built in 1977, was struggling to cope with demand and that at one point six mental health patients had to wait more than 12 hours to get a bed, despite a decision to admit them being taken.

The target of 95 per cent of patients attending being seen within four hours had fallen to 67 per cent with”delayed transfers of care” being blamed.

Ten years ago in March 2010, thousands of people marched with the Defend Whittington Hospital Coalition down Holloway Road in protest at plans to stop the Whittington A&E being shut down by health chiefs, who said it was surplus to requirements.


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