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Where To Play Or Watch Football Games In London?

26 October, 2019


Trying to play football in London could prove quite difficult if one does not exactly where to go and even to watch a match could be quite expensive and in London unless you’re among one of the lucky few who have season tickets to watch your favourite team whenever you feel the sensation to.

Not everyone has the funds to cover the fees for sports packages offered by your TV supplier so deciding on a place to watch your favourite teams score goals could be quite challenging. Most times people often find a local pub to help them watch their favourite players on TV.

But just picking anywhere such as a crowded inn might not help since you would only be watching the heads of the viewers rather than the actual match you came to watch which is why we’re offering a guide to the best places for you to watch your favourite team play.

Likewise, there is nothing more exciting than to play football sport on a proper pitch. So if you’re in London, there are quite a few parks where you can plan a kick out session with friends or family.

There are a lot of green spaces with their pitches inside them where you can practice your skills in a professional size playing field and this article will show you some of the best London parks also.

Most football fans will agree that there is nothing like the excitement that comes from watching your favourite team sweat out their energy on the field especially the stadium experience but the stadium experience isn’t for everyone. Some fans believe that watching a match unfold in person is a requirement for appreciating the game but today’s home theatre provides an almost live-like football experience.

The home theatre provides fans with even a more ideal experience that is free from the hustle and bustle at the stadium – one will first have to book tickets and then sort out a place to sit to catch the game. You can always enjoy your match with the best seat in the house; yours.

Factors You Should Consider When Picking A Pub Or Bar

There are so many benefits of catching a football game at a pub, bar or even at the comfort of your home but you will find that even watching a game at a pub or bar might not give you the kind of excitement you deserve if some things are not in place.

There is the problem of picking out a comfy pub or bar to catch a football game and some factors have to be put into consideration when selecting the perfect place to watch a match. First, one has to consider the video and audio quality provided by the bar or pub. Watching a game on a quality home-theatre system with accompanying quality surround sound gives you the ultimate almost live-like football experience, one that is hard to contend with.

High definition video and high-quality speakers matter a lot if one is to catch every detail perfectly including sounds such as plays being called on and off the field. Even one cannot get the opportunity to hear or see such a level of detail at any stadium.

Another factor to be put into consideration is how we can view the multiple angles of a match. Watching a match at the stadium limits you to just one angle, the one you get at your stadium seat. NFL broadcasters have decided to up their game with a vast array of video cameras such as sideline still cams, above-the-field drone cams, sky cams and end zone cams to capture every on-screen action.

There is also the problem of comfortability. When catching a game at a bar, you don’t have to deal with grumpy seat-holders next to you in the stadium. You don’t even have to dress for the elements whether a sunscreen, a parka or even a snowsuit. It’s hard to pay attention to the game when almost about 50,000 fans are shouting, talking or obstructing your view and you would much like to avoid that at a bar also.

So when next you have it in mind to catch a pro football game in person, remember that a bar or pub only steps away. It would offer you a thrilling experience both physically and financially – and at a cheap price.


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