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Where I live there’s been three years of noisy works to torment us

16 March, 2017

• I’VE been a tenant in Fitzroy Road, Primrose Hill for four years now, paying extra high rent with that extra to be in Primrose Hill and enjoy a slightly better quality of life.

But Fitzroy Road has been tormented by works in the past three years and it’s having an impact on my life and – I assume – other people’s too.

Trucks sometimes stay here all day with their engines on, making it harder to focus when I work from home.

And every morning (including Saturday, though usually not on Sundays) a truck comes by to change the trash container at 7 o’clock in the morning thus waking me up even when I worked until late the night before or need one extra hour of sleep for one reason or another.

Noises can be heard even with headphones and often even with earplugs.

This is becoming unbearable and terribly frustrating for a person who works to afford a room here and I am hoping you could help by publishing this letter and thereby spread awareness.



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