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When John Wayne rode into Andy’s

09 February, 2017 — By John Gulliver

John Wayne in Rio Bravo, 1959. Right: Andy Joanides

THERE are many stories being told about the late Andy Joanides, the famous proprietor of Highgate Road’s ASF Garages and other petrol stations in the neigh­bour­hood, who died in January.

I recall hearing how he was good friends with the actor James Coburn, who was living with the song writer Lynsey de Paul in Highgate and would pop in for a cup of tea and a gossip.

One day, Coburn showed up with none other than John Wayne. Andy was a big fan of cowboy films, but rather than be starstruck by such an actor stepping into to his filling court office, Andy’s response was priceless – and typical of his sense of humour.

When Coburn introduced Wayne, the first thing he said was: “Where’s your f*****g horse!” Wayne thought it was hilarious, and laughed his head off.


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