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06 December, 2019

• ISLINGTON is a great place to live, but it is not without its problems.

For many it can be hard to get by. That’s why the Liberal Democrats will invest more money in the right places, more than the Conservatives, of course, but also more than Labour.

But don’t take our word for it. Our plans have been confirmed as more progressive than Labour’s in an independent study by the Resolution Foundation.

The Liberal Democrats will spend more, for example, on free child­care, and on universal credit for second earners and the self-employed.

Unlike Labour we will not be distracted or waste precious taxpayer money on trying to renationalise things like the railways or utility companies.

We will concentrate on the real challenges, like getting rid of knife crime, protecting our National Health Service, and tackling the climate emergency.

We will give Islington residents the breathing space they need to thrive by providing:

– 35 hours a week of free childcare when a baby turns nine months old for working parents, and for all children from age two to four;

– £10,000 to every adult to spend on training throughout their lives;

– an extra £10billion a year for schools including 20,000 more teachers;

– £35billion for the NHS and social care over the next five years; and

– two more community police officers in every ward.

We have so many more plans to build a brighter future, and we can afford these pledges because of the £50billion bonus the United Kingdom economy will receive from us remaining in the European Union.

Protecting the National Health Service, our schools, and living standards is why we want to stop Brexit. You can help do this by voting Liberal Democrat on Thursday December 12.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidates for Islington South & Finsbury
and Islington North


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