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What is it like to live with disabilities? Students reveal

08 May, 2019 — By Helen Chapman

Leighton College students, from left: Dhaval Depala, 19, Anastasia Abramchuk, 21, Michee Kiaku, 17, Zoe Rattigan, 22, Zeineb Khalid, who is also 22, and Shafi Hassan, 23, with copies of the magazine in which they reveal their own stories


Students have created a magazine in which they share some of their experiences of living with disabilities.

FLIP was launched at Leighton College, in Kentish Town, with its writers reading out their pieces on issues ranging from social media to personal relationships.

Zoe Rattigan, 22, who helped edit the magazine, said: “It shows how open students can be with their personal stories. It is a huge step. I interviewed students with disabilities in how it feels in their day-to-day life.

“They were very open, telling me how some of them are shy and feel insecure and aren’t used to college.”

Student Shafi Hassan, 23, added: “I used to be afraid of speaking in public and scared about people talking back, but now I am feeling more confident.”

Leighton College, based in Dowdney Close, is an educational project for young people with learning difficulties and autism aged 16 to 25. It is part of the Elfrida Rathbone Camden.

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