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We’ve had a people’s vote

07 November, 2019

• SO inept of the Labour Party to have a Brexit policy that would involve a Labour government negotiating a new deal with the European Union and then putting the new deal to a referendum.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s health spokesman, speaking on BBC Radio 4 said that, in such a referendum, he would campaign and vote against the deal and to remain in the EU!

That would involve a further 18 months of uncertainty, divisions and bitterness. Many Labour supporters like me will find this “policy” preposterous.

It will make the party a laughing stock, turn traditional supporters away, and increase the likelihood of Labour losing the election.

We’ve had a people’s vote and democracy demands that we leave the EU. We don’t need nor want a further referendum to decide that. We want parliament to agree and implement a deal.

The pity of it is that Labour’s Brexit strategy will be at the forefront of voters’ minds, and attempts to focus on health, housing, social care, the environment won’t work.



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