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We were trapped on a train because we raised the alarm

09 November, 2017

• ON an Overground train on Sunday a mentally ill man became extremely disturbed.

He moved up and down the train shouting he was going to slit the throat, kill, etc all paedophiles and he was waving a bottle in one hand and making throat-slitting gestures with the other.

The train was half full. We waited until the train pulled into the next station and then my husband pressed the alarm button. To our horror the doors locked and we were trapped in the train with the man.

Finally the doors opened. The driver was told and he phoned for help. We had to impress on him that we had no idea if the man had a knife and it was dangerous. He then phoned for police. After two minutes he left his cab and came to persuade the man to leave the train.

At this point another Transport for London employee walked along the platform. He helped the driver get the man, who was still abusive, off the train and walked him away and the train then left.

Had the man used a knife, or had a bomb, and we were locked in the train, at the platform with this severely disturbed man, the results would be catastrophic. The driver said he had not been able to open the doors because pressing the alarm button took away the train’s power.

Announcements tell the public to report to a member of staff anything suspicious. There was no member of staff to report to on the train.

The driver had no support when the incident was reported. There was no member of staff immediately available to help him or receive our report.

Because of the power being cut off, which none of us knew would happen, by pressing the alarm button we were all trapped inside with a potential murderer. So much for looking after the safety of passengers.

South Hill Park Gardens, NW3


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