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We want to hear about ‘remarkable women in Highgate’

23 November, 2017

• AT the end of World War I in 1918 the Representation of the People Act gave women aged over 30 the vote, and in 1928, this was extended to all women over the age of 21.

In 2018 parliament will have a woman as Black Rod, the first in 650 years.

The volunteer team in the archives at the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (HLSI), open to the public, think that 2018 is the perfect time to add to our knowledge and holdings about “Remarkable Women in Highgate”.

We will be focusing on the last 100 years or so right up until the present with an illustrated talk in June 2018 and a display.

We would like to hear from you about women friends, neighbours, family members and others who have made their mark in Highgate – whether they have or continue to live and work in the wider Highgate area.

Have you heard of Florence Tunks? She lived with her parents and three sisters in Bisham Gardens, became a militant suffragette and ended up in Holloway Prison. Other suffragettes had Highgate connections. Can you tell us more?

Furnival House in Cholmeley Park was built in 1919 as “a hostel for the residential and recreative accommodation” of more than 100 women who worked for The Prudential in Holborn. We would like to know more about these and other independent working women.

This part of north London became home to refugees before, during and after World War II. Many were women medics, musicians and artists; like Anita Bild who escaped from Vienna after Kristallnacht in 1938 and told us her story.

Dorothy Goodman, who was then living on the Holly Lodge Estate, worked with friends in 1957 to set up the Consumer’s Association and led the team who produced the prototype for Which? magazine; while Sasha Young helped to save Lauderdale House as an arts and educational trust; and Susan Cox was a founder member of the Highgate Society.

Not forgetting actors and writers such as Stella Gibbons, Gladys Cooper, and Victoria Wood.

I could go on but we want to hear from you with your memories, stories and photos.

Please contact me at:
Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (HLSI)
Pond Square, N6 6BS
Tel 020 8340 3343


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