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We need consultation on what is our ‘village green’

01 April, 2021

Belsize Village ‘streatery’

• COUNCILLOR Tom Simon has posted a letter through some doors in Belsize Park stating that the Liberal Democrats support the streatery, which has been given licence by Camden without consultation with residents.

The letter asks residents to give their opinion. Would it not have been fairer to provide more accurate information?

If he asked specifically questions, for example, what changes would you like in Belsize Terrace, how do you use the terrace, etc?

Luisa Porritt is standing as a candidate for London mayor so it seems to me that by supporting the streatery, she is hoping for a lot of votes her way, by not ruffling any feathers.

Conservative councillor Oliver Cooper hasn’t even asked residents their thoughts on, in effect, our village green. All residents need consultation.

We need Belsize Terrace fully looked into for the best use for 2021. With Covid-19 continuing and the restrictive way we are all having to lead our lives, working with Camden, businesses, and the community, is of vital importance.

Families that live in flats need an outdoor space. Not everyone can afford or want to eat in the streatery. I am wondering why the restaurants can’t do seating outside their own places? It needs a lot more thought to meet the needs of all.

The government is aware of mental health and loneliness, so let’s address the need for more benches in the sun and make the terrace a larger space with a suitable planting area and play place for our children.

This is not Soho, as someone wrote to me, but a local “pop-in-pop-out” meeting spot where you can natter to someone and get a meal and a cuppa. To date, the only thing which has been addressed is the streatery to help the restaurants out.

Let us be fully consulted and look at the bigger picture without suffering verbal abuse from those that don’t agree with us

Our terrace is beginning to feel like the mafia have moved in! Let us all speak, listen, and work together during this testing time.

Belsize Crescent, NW3


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