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We don’t like ‘living on top of each other’

06 December, 2019

• “WE have people from all over the world live here, every type of background, we have rich and poor, we have people of all beliefs and we could not be more mixed, we have no green space, we all live on top of each other, and we like it like that.” That is a verbatim quote of Emily Thornberry’s opening speech at the election hustings.

No green space? We have 14 large parks and Labour have built on a lot of other green space, only a good thing if it was all council housing, but it’s not, so any lack of green space is down to this council. Emily Thornberry says we like living on top of each other. Really?

This council carries on and on about government cuts but I think they need to look at where they are wasting the money. Is a new cycle lane more important than social care? Is spending money on plush offices in the library more cost effective than using already empty and underused council buildings?

On the Popham Street estate, the council collect over £88,000 a year from tenants, leaseholders and freeholders for caretaking that we get a maximum of two days a week. This is happening elsewhere, so where is the profit going?

To sum up… we do have green spaces, we don’t like living on top of each other and there is money to fix things if it were correctly audited by a council that was not a major majority of one party.

This is the first time in my life I have been undecided who to vote for in an election. And the hustings hasn’t made it easier as parties arguing with each other didn’t help me to understand what they were trying to get across.

Popham Street Estate N1


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