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We are beyond usual electoral considerations

06 June, 2019

• CANTELOWES ward was one of the many in Camden where large numbers of Labour supporters voted for the Liberal Democrats or Greens.

We heard this ourselves on the doorstep, people who have consistently voted Labour, like their MP and Labour councillors, but can’t bring themselves to support Labour nationally.

As councillors for the ward we understand these concerns. We would like to make clear our position on Brexit and the crucial importance of our anti-austerity programme.

Brexit is, and always has been, a right-wing project coming from deep within the Tory party and now being led by avowedly populist forces who seek to destabilise and undermine representative democracy and initiate a cultural war against an open, tolerant, diverse society supported by strong public services and a free press.

We believe there are very strong arguments for remaining in the European Union. It is simply fantastical to dream that in a global economy there can be a “little England” economic strategy that would guarantee standards and existing levels of public services.

The argument for Brexit is an argument for achieving competitiveness by further drastic deregulation and stripping down the public sector, perpetuating not preventing austerity.

We are beyond usual electoral considerations. The right have drawn the battle lines.

As Labour councillors we make two pledges. We fully support Camden Council’s agreed position to campaign for a people’s vote and build the widest coalition for remain.

Secondly we will campaign to end all austerity programmes and for significant money into public services and investment in the climate emergency, boosting our regions and manufacturing.

This is one of the biggest battles of our lifetime. Expelling or shunning Labour voters or members who didn’t support Labour in the European elections is a silly diversionary mistake.

We urge all Labour supporters to unite against Brexit and for a radical programme of public investment in our economy and public services, our environment, our free press and for a progressive vision of a society where the barriers of ignorance, poverty, disease and prejudice can be overcome.

Labour, Cantelowes ward


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