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We aim to make a real difference by helping our older and disabled neighbours

09 November, 2017

• AS the days grow shorter and the weather turns colder, I become more aware than ever of our responsibility to make sure our older and disabled residents are able to enjoy the wealth of celebrations and companionship that this time of year brings.

Our new plan for living and aging well in Camden, Supporting people, connecting communities, will go some way to help us achieve this and signals the start of a new relationship between the council, our communities and the people of Camden.

We will work with our health and community partners to create an environment that, as far as possible, will support people to live safe, active and independent lives in their local community.

By focusing on an individual’s abilities, rather than what they are unable to do, we can work with them to build resilience and help them maintain their independence for longer.

I believe that this the right thing to do as there is growing recognition that adult social care needs to work differently to help people live the best life possible.

Our plan has council-wide support to help our residents and communities tackle key issues, including social isolation and loneliness.

By working together, we can help people stay better connected in their community. By making the right information available around how to maintain not only good physical health but also mental health, we will support people to stay healthier for longer.

We believe by doing this we can help prevent, delay or reduce the need for formal care and support services.

One of Camden’s key strengths is our vibrant communities, our active citizenship and our well-established voluntary and community sector.

By working together, we can all make a real difference by supporting our older or disabled neighbours across the borough, and help them live their best possible life.

Cabinet Member for Tackling Health Inequality & Promoting Independence


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