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12 April, 2018

• THE Labour Party front bench, carefully articulated by Sir Keir Starmer on March 26, are still attempting to find a set of words that attempts to put a gloss over their policy of leaving the customs union.

Many people across Camden are still asking, what do they actually mean? Is it something like Turkey’s deal for goods, but not agriculture, finance or services, or is it going to be a lengthy attempt at cherry-picking for those favoured industries, a position which has already been resolutely rebuffed by European Union negotiators?

And in Camden we also ask ourselves what of the Northern Ireland border? Any divergence in any industry will surely risk a hard border being re-established and risk the consequences that might follow from that decision.

The Labour Party are trying, in advance of the metropolitan local elections, to distance themselves from the government’s disastrous Brexit plans, their position seems both fluid and opportunistic and could easily harden again in time. Labour’s plans also still only give politicians and not people the final say on Brexit.

The weight of opinion is shifting towards the Liberal Democrat position, and I urge Sir Keir and the Labour front bench to listen to brave voices on their own benches, rather than sacking them – those who back the Liberal Democrat call for a vote on the deal.

I also urge voters who believe in remaining within the EU to voice your anger at both Labour and the Conservatives, by voting for the Liberal Democrats, the party of Remain, at the local elections on May 3.

Liberal Democrat
Parliamentary Candidate for Holborn & St Pancras


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