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Tunnel construction could damage any tower and the issue has been side-stepped

06 July, 2017

100 Avenue Road

• CAMDEN councillors’ vote to grant approval of the latest planning condition for the 100 Avenue Road tower in Swiss Cottage to proceed was based on the officers’ argument that London Underground (LU) would not likely risk their own assets and therefore would know best what level of detail would be needed before going ahead with the foundation works.

Of course LU would not risk their assets. But they have rubber-stamped the plans that are only (barely) sufficient for demolition – the remaining 60 per cent still being incomplete – according to the developers’ own tracking document.

No doubt the full plans could be added later (contrary to condition 31), while LU/Transport for London can finally get on with constructing Cycle Superhighway 11 – once developers Essential Living have finished using the same A41 gyratory route to dispose of their building.

But then one wonders – when (if) construction of the 100 Avenue Road tower actually takes place, how CS11 cyclists will manage to negotiate a constant stream of Essential Living’s heavy goods vehicles swinging out past Swiss Cottage library onto to their cycle lane for three years?

In addition, and most crucially, Camden officers completely side-stepped the requirement of condition 31 also to consider “adjacent” structures.

HS2 is an “adjacent” structure, which Essential Living’s own engineers says has a “Potential for damage to new building from future HS2 tunnel construction” and that “The impact of HS2 should be reviewed as part of the design process”. It wasn’t.

It simply cannot be allowed that the building first gets demolished and then a reason later arises to not proceed because of a conflict with HS2.

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