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Travel by Train and discover the UK

22 August, 2019

Travel sustainably

Taking a journey by train is one of the most sustainable ways of travelling between destinations. Regardless of it being domestically or internationally, travelling by train is a comfortable and a more environmentally friendly way of going from point A to point B. It is also a great way of discovering the UK. Due to well-connected railway lines throughout the UK,it is possible to visit the biggest cities and to connect to others easily.  Take in the diverse and beautiful landscapes from the comfort of your train seat. Omio compares train and coach options to help you plan your journey in the UK by train. The majority of most trains today also have an abundance of facilities such as free Wi-Fi, storage for luggage, charging stations ateach seat and refreshments onboard, especially on commuter trains, and trains travelling on longer routes. Trains eliminate the need to drive, which allows for a bit of relaxation and time to plan your itinerary before discovering new places. By using apps such as Omio your travels can be hassle-free and you will be able to find travel updates, routes and tickets—all in one place. Download the app and have the UK in your pocket.

All in one place

Most of us don’t really have time to spend hours searching for the best prices, the most efficient routes or the shortest travel times. That’s why we look for assistance in these matters. Enter, Omio. This travel website will allow you to enter your desired destination, from where you are leaving and when you wish to travel, then by simply clicking on search you will have a multitude of alternatives at your disposal. Perhaps you are starting your journey from Newcastle and you wish to go by train to London, Omio will then find the cheapest and fastest way for you to get there. It will even provide you with information on which train station you are most likely to arrive at, what you can expect to find in the immediate surroundings and what type of facilities the train station is offering. You will even be able to look up the travel itinerary forconnecting trains.  By using Omio you will have all the information you need and all you have to do is decide on what you would like to see first, once you arrive at your destination.

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Use Omio when planning your next vacation in the UK and explore all the options available. Go by train to take full advantage of travelling comfortably, efficiently and sustainably. You will have all the information you need to make an informed choice about your travels and once being presented with the best available alternatives, you can choose which alternative is the best one for you. It is even possible to change your mind along the way and perhaps decide on an alternate route once you get going. Simply use Omio to see what’s available. Download the Omio app for an even more efficient travel booking and simply get going!


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