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Thousands tell Amber Rudd to halt ‘shameful’ deportation of Stoly Jankovic

More than 20,000 people sign petition calling for deportation to be stopped

03 April, 2017 — By William McLennan

A PETITION demanding that the “shameful deportation” of a much-loved Kentish Town figure is stopped was delivered to the Home Secretary today.

More than 20,000 people signed the petition in just two days after Stojan Jankovic was detained without warning on Thursday. He could be deported as early as Tuesday this week.

The 53-year-old, who is known as Stoly, was widely known through his role at Earth Natural Foods in Kentish Town Road, where he has worked for the past decade.

He fled his home in what was then the Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991 as tensions mounted ahead of a war that would go on to claim the lives of 140,000 people.  He has not left Britain since.


Supporters delivered the petition to the Home Office in Victoria this afternoon (Monday).

A letter to Ms Rudd said: “[He] has lived and worked in our community for 26 years, during which time he has served the people of Camden and the United Kingdom with kindness, good humour, indefatigable hard work, unswerving honest and true loyalty.

“He is the embodiment of all the values that Londoners and patriotic British people hold dear, and he is one of us.”

Mr Jankovic has worked at Earth Natural Foods for ten years

The petition called for a fortnight stay of deportation to allow legal opposition to his deportation to be heard.

The letter to Ms Rudd said: It said: “We believe it would be contrary to natural justice for Stoly to be bundled out of this country in such short order, with no time (little more than two work in days) to find and instruct a legal team, let alone to have his case prepared and presented according to due process.”

Sue Odell, who helped to organise the petition, said his treatment had been “outrageous”.

“He’s been living here, paying taxes, working hard,” she said. “It’s just so wrong. I think he’s just a statistic, so Amber Rudd can say they have deported however many thousands this year.”

She said Mr Jankovic was an “absolutely wonderful asset to the community,” adding: “A lot of people thought he owned Earth, he was the face of the place.”

The Home Office said it does not comment on individual cases.


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