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This online GP consultation is dangerous

30 July, 2020

‘Stop dangerous online e-consult now’

• JAMES Wigg GP practice in Kentish Town have introduced online e-consult.

Instead of speaking directly to reception you have to fill in an online form. The practice “will get back to you by 6pm the next working day”!

This is dangerous. They will say that the government has imposed this, but they should resist it. What use is going online if you have chest pains or an infection?

A lot of older people do not go online, so the burden will fall on younger relatives to fill in the forms for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Also, it’s an invasion of privacy. And what about agency carers? They can’t fill in forms for each elderly person they visit who is ill.

Obviously some technocrat, who doesn’t use the NHS very much, thinks this is a great idea and the government have implemented it. But this is a daft idea, which impedes access to the NHS. Stop it now.



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