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This development solely designed to make money is unwelcome

08 April, 2021

 100 Avenue Road: How the tower block is due to look if the original project is finished

• GOOD to read that Camden has, for once, rejected a developer’s request, (Tower developer is ordered to keep affordable homes pledge, April 1).

Assuming it wasn’t an April fool’s joke, this must be a first.

The truth is that the development at 100 Avenue Road, Swiss Cottage is unwelcome, unsuitable for the area, and unnecessary; it was devised – with the help of Camden’s own planning department – solely to make money for Essential Living.

The 185 flats it is planned to contain will increase local traffic levels and create more disturbance and blight the whole area forever, with its awful tower totally out of keeping with the historic neighbourhood, while its nasty seven-storey and five-storey blocks will throw the whole of the tiny park into shadow for almost all the year, and the 400-plus inhabitants will add to the local chaos, now returning to “normal”.

So the company’s statement that “it is in everyone’s interest to see the scheme delivered” is another lie; we’d be happier living with a vacant site than see their nightmare built.

Of course, lies are not unusual, their request to drop the affordable flats from the scheme because building costs have risen completely ignored the fact that rents and property values have soared out of sight. They also know, better than we do, that not building such a tall tower is in fact cheaper.

So, to answer their statement that “the approved scheme is not financially viable in its current form”, we say: build something smaller and more suitable for the tiny site then.

If they had done that at the start – or if Camden’s planning officers had asked them to do so – they could have had a decent, profitable, building in use years ago.

It is only their greed, arrogance and stupidity that has left them in the current situation.

DAVID REED, Treasurer
Save Swiss Cottage Action Group


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