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They want to chop down more mature trees in Belsize Park

09 November, 2017

The beautiful trees of Gilling Court in Belsize Park

• HERE we go again – more mature healthy trees due for the chop, without due warning.

Camden planning application 2017/5426/T reveals that the directors and managing agents for Gilling Court, Belsize Grove, now want to fell two more big beautiful trees in the block garden. But they posted no notice of their intention in the common parts of the 104-flat block.

Camden no longer sends out alert letters on planning applications, just posts notices in the street. Even if Gilling Court residents spotted the street notice they had no way of sharing that information because repeated requests for a communal noticeboard in the Gilling Court block have been systematically sidelined.

So it’s maybe not surprising that on the day Camden’s deadline for comment on felling closed, there were no comments from Gilling Court residents. I just managed to squeeze one in.

The application to destroy the healthy trees blames them for causing subsidence. Maybe this is valid, maybe not. Someone is perhaps working on the principle of cut and see.

The fact that the application declares there is no tree protection order (TPO) on the trees, whereas subsidiary documents filed admit there is a TPO, does absolutely nothing to inspire trust in the applicants’ abilities to organise even a booze-up in a brewery.

Belsize Grove, NW3


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