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There’s reason to worry about 5G waves

06 June, 2019

• I DO my best to avoid this kind of wifi internet pollution, (Louis Loizou’s Why the silence on phone masts?, May 30).

I don’t have a mobile phone, use a plug-in line for internet connection, land line telephone that plugs into the wall, have no microwave cooker, and I turn off my internet connection whenever I am not using it.

But, try as I might, I know I am surrounded by these waves from many sources, and phone connections and internet signals from neighbours.

What worries me now is the news that the weather forecasting services cannot see through the 5G signals to spot clouds that carry rain, the wavelength of the 5G signal being the same as the wavelength of water.

Our bodies are approximately 70 per cent water; if the 5G wavelengths are the same as those of water in our bodies, surely this is going to have some powerful impact on the subtle energies of our bodies’ health.

I wonder how long it is going to take for us to take seriously the electromagnetic frequencies used for mobile phones etc as a potential health hazard. It took many decades to identify cancer linked to smoking, endocrine disruption of DDT and plastics.

Could the all-pervasive signals be in part why everyone is so angry in London when 10 years ago this was not the norm? Are these signals already disrupting our ability to focus, control our emotions, be patient?

If any one knows how to protect our homes from these much stronger 5G signals I would be grateful if they would write in to let us “worried” know what to do.

I still find it worrying that I am being bombarded by wifi internet signals from neighbours several houses away, day and night, and there is nothing I can do to prevent that.

Sumatra Road, NW6


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