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There is still time to object to canalside plans

11 January, 2018

• THERE’S just about time to object to plans by clothing brand Ted Baker to redevelop its Camden Town headquarters (Fashion giant’s HQ ‘would destroy canal’, December 21) following a deadline extension by Camden’s planning department.

Objections have already been lodged by several organisations, including Friends of Regent’s Canal, the Canal and River Trust, Camden Green Party and Camden NHS, plus residents and canal users.

Many are concerned that the height and scale of the proposed buildings will enclose the canal and reduce light, undermining its use as a tranquil, open space where Londoners can escape from urban noise and pollution.

Ted Baker’s own drawings show that the development would be far taller than existing buildings along Regent’s Canal to the north and current buildings on the site, and would be out of character with predominantly low-rise Camden Town.

Objectors also point out that the lack of access points between the canal and surrounding roads is a missed opportunity to reduce polluting road traffic by allowing deliveries from canal boats to non- or low-polluting vehicles (such as cargo bikes and electric vans) for onward transfer.

Similarly, Ted Baker appears to be relying on road-based refuse and recycling collection, rather than capitalising on the direct canal route to the North London Waste Authority’s site at Edmonton, where Camden’s waste trucks travel each day through London’s overburdened streets.

Ted Baker is to be applauded for its early attempts to involve the local community in its plans. Now is the time to honour that involvement by listening to the community’s valid objections. If not the company could inadvertently recreate the equivalent of another “ugly brown building” for the future.

Co-Chair, Camden Green Party


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