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There is no doubt which party offers a compassionate future to child refugees

18 May, 2017

• I WAS amused to read in the May 11 Election Peeps of a Conservative Party directive for local activists not to approach Tulip Siddiq, following one of their own becoming embroiled in an argument over child refugees.

I was less amused to read the supplementary thoughts of “a Tory source” that suggested the activist’s words had somehow been “twisted” by Tulip.

Any member of the public can watch the full exchange for themselves, and it reveals the stark difference between the two in their concern for the plight of child refugees.

Tulip shows herself to be the politician who has supported the Dubs amendment and has attended conferences in support of providing a safe haven to refugees. Alternatively, the Conservative activist disgraces herself and her party by offering patronising utterances of “oh dear” and “is that right”, while Tulip states her case.

The Tories can scuttle away from Tulip all they like, but their contempt for child refugees is clear, not only through the video in question but through Theresa May’s decision to slam the door on the world’s most vulnerable children. We should be in no doubts as to who offers a compassionate future for child refugees at this election.

West Hampstead, NW6


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