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There has been no provision made to cope with the population growth in London

13 July, 2017

• CAMDEN Council is being condemned over the Chalcot estate debacle without acknowledgment of the enormous influx of people coming into the borough and into London over the past few years.

Tony Blair turned a blind eye to illegal immigrants in order to get cheap labour and make the UK into a low-wage economy.

Margaret Thatcher said there was no longer a society, people could now become part of a property-owning democracy by leasing the social housing they were living in and selling it off when appropriate. Usually that property falls into the hands of the property speculator.

Industry, that part of which wasn’t destroyed in order to put down militant trade unionism, could cut corners and go for the fast buck.

Very few companies, especially the construction industry trained apprentices any more, that is, real apprenticeships and not the phony odd-job ones we have at the moment.  That resulted on relying on European Union skilled labour coming in.

In the meantime the building of social housing went to an all-time low, hospitals were being closed down or having their A&E and maternity wards closed with NHS property being sold off at well below the market price.

No provision was or is being made to cope with the additional population. The market economy we have now with the Tories’ inclination towards supporting the landlord, and many of them slum landlords, is causing great concern for those native to Camden and the incomers. We are all together in this.

Lulot Gardens, N19


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