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There are permitted cycle routes on Hampstead Heath and the rules are there for good reasons

18 May, 2017

• THE Corporation of London is entitled to make and enforce by-laws for Hampstead Heath. If the rules are silly or irrelevant they can presumably be varied or repeated but, by and large, they exist for the benefit, enjoyment, safety etc of all users.

Barbara Massey’s attitude (Give me a break, cyclist tells cops on the Heath, May 11), supported by your editorial Comment (Ludicrous cycling fine, May 11), suggest the rules shouldn’t apply to her, and you would wish people to do as they please.

The number of Heath visitors has vastly increased in recent years, with organised and ad hoc fitness trainers, school and parent-children sports groups, dog walkers and those out for a recreational stroll.

There are permitted cycle routes and it seems to me the corporation has tried to strike a fair balance, but many cyclists now ignore the “no-cycling” signage, and some are positively reckless.

If the corporation fails to apply the rules, we end up with a free for all mess, degrading a valued and enjoyable local asset.

Gordon House Road, NW5


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