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The UK is coming to its senses about Brexit lies

11 April, 2019

• DAVID Cheeseman gives himself away by declaring “Don’t risk a second referendum” (Letters, April 4).

What he is really saying is that he, too, is beginning to realise that much of Britain is coming to its senses on the ill-founded, mis-sold project, otherwise known as “Brexit”.

It is one requiring the United Kingdom to rip apart 45 years of complex agreements setting out how we should co-operate with our closest neighbours.

Mr Cheeseman is manfully doing a good job of obscuring this truth himself; while claiming “thousands” marched to urge that Britain leave the EU, he ignores the fact that more than one million marched to demand that voters be allowed to reconsider.

Sadly he reveals himself to be ill-informed about the process of negotiation that the EU undertake to form common rules on common-sense subjects such as safety of food and toys and protecting workers.

What Mr Cheeseman is really frightened of is a second referendum in which voters take stock of the lies they were sold the first time around and reject them.



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