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The Top 5 Inventions That Talk About Our High Tech Future

04 April, 2019

The world of technology never ceases to amaze us. For a long period, technology has changed the way we do things. Today though, you can do everything from booking flights online to turning on your home’s switches, no matter where you are.

The Top Inventions that Are Changing the World Today

As we look forward to a high-tech future, here is a look at some innovations that are going to change the world.

#1. Artificial Intelligence.

It is hard talking about the future without mentioning AI. The most recent advancement of AI is how we will interact with the machines. For instance, devices can now be able to detect our emotions in our voices so that they can learn to give the appropriate responses.

One of the chatbots that have changed the AI world is Siri which has a more human-like voice. When you are using the bot, it is like you have an assistant whom you only need to command with your voice.

#2. Human Interface.

The rise of smartphones and computers has increased the rate which we interact with people around the world. It is estimated that three-quarter of the world’s population own a phone.

When it comes to human interaction the way we get to interact with our mobile phones is changing. People can use their devices to assess various technologies through speech and face recognition. Do not be shocked that your identity is stored in your mobile device.

#3. IoT.

If you did not know we are ready into the second generation of Internet of Things. It is a market which is growing daily with innovations making their way to the market. For instance, most of the IoT innovations have sensors which enable them to make their own autonomous decisions.

For instance, the concept of autonomous driving cars is taking the world by storm. However, the idea of smart cars did not start recently; instead, it has been around for years. We have seen vehicles evolve from voice command systems, navigation, and even self-parking. The next step is to automate the cars that they can drive themselves entirely.

#4. Smart Cities.

Cities such as New York, Toronto, Tokyo, and Dubai are some of the best definitions of smart cities, a reason they are among the costliest too. However, the evolution of smart cities began centuries ago, and it is still going on. It is estimated that by the year 2050 70% of the world’s population will be living in smart cities. You might be thinking how do smart cities work?

Smart cities use IoT sensors devices to gather data on infrastructure. This helps increase the life efficiency in a city. For instance, in 2020 Uber is likely to release trailing flying in Dubai and Dallas.

#5. Blockchain technology.

The idea of blockchain technology secures the digital landscape. It will be able to provide a digital record of where something is coming from and where it is going. This will help reduce the threat of cyber risk as people and departments interact with one another.


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