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The rise of solo travel

27 October, 2017

MORE and more of us are booking holidays that allow us to travel solo, and it’s a trend that doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

In 2015, a whopping 24% of leisure travellers were going at alone, compared to just 15% in 2013.

It’s not just backpackers exploring untouched corners of the world on a university gap year either, with both young and old cashing in on this new era of tourism. So just what are the advantages of solo travel, and why are holidaymakers making the switch from friends and family trips to singles journeys?

The benefits of travelling solo

Planned right, the positives of solo travel can far outweigh the negatives.
Bucket list destinations can be checked off while partners and friends who aren’t keen on travelling can stay home and enjoy the postcards.

The solo traveller is in charge of their itinerary and makes all of the decisions – from accommodation and restaurant choices to which sight-seeing adventure they plan to go on next.

Many solo travellers make the choice to holiday alone as a way of getting to know themselves just that little bit better.

Travelling alone offers plenty of time for contemplation, soul searching and the opportunity to unwind on a quiet voyage of self-discovery. It’s often a welcome break for people who are after a little head space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Solo travel on every terrain

When thinking of travelling solo, images of hostel staying backpackers and lonely hearts’ spa holidays come to mind. In reality however, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are countless ways to travel solo on land or at sea, forming part of the reason why solo travel is becoming so popular among travellers from all backgrounds.

Solo travel has seeped into just about every aspect of the holiday world, including luxury resort packages, active tours, cycling holidays, yoga retreats and solo cruises.

Many offer the choice of taking part in organised group activities throughout the holiday too, giving individuals the chance to network and make new friends if they choose to.

Speciality offers for single travellers

With close to a quarter of us now opting for solo travel in any given year, there’s undoubtedly a growing market for retailers and travel agents to tap into.

As a result, many big name operators are committed to offering discounts and special packages for solo travellers. After all, there’s no need to pay for a hotel room for two when only one guest is staying.

Companies like Solos offer specific single traveller holidays, allowing solo tourists to meet other like-minded people on holidays that are specifically tailored to suit them.

Popular activities include tennis, golf, hiking and city break tours, all with a single person price tag. Solo travellers have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to choosing their holiday.

Deciding which destinations to visit, what type of holiday to go on and which company to travel with makes sure the solo trip is specifically catered towards them. It’s one of the many reasons this mode of holidaying is on the rise, and why the single travel market is booming.


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