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The Nisa store in Kentish Town is a visual and social intrusion

02 August, 2018

Charles Dance and fellow protesters bidding to save the Leighton Arms pub meet MP Keir Starmer

• I WELCOMED your coverage of the petition presented to Sir Keir Starmer MP, protesting against the conversion of the Leighton Arms pub at 101 Brecknock Road, into a Nisa supermarket, (Game of Thrones star Charles Dance calls for pub to be saved from supermarket switch, July 19).

It would seem helpful to clarify quite why so many residents are upset and angry about the fact that the supermarket is now trading, in defiance of an enforcement order from Camden Council.

The presence of the Nisa store poses a serious threat to our quality of life. This is primarily because it is likely to destroy many or most of the small shops that play a crucial role in our day-to-day experience of the neighbourhood. Some of these, such as the Bumblebee shop, are important because of the specialist food that they supply.

All are important because they foster a sense of community in an area full of social tensions; we all go to them, and they induce a feeling that we have something in common, and a space in which, on occasion, we exchange pleasantries, or simply nod and smile to each other.

The Nisa store, in contrast, is a visual and social intrusion producing only a sense of alienation.

Torriano Avenue, NW5


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