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The new ‘Project Fear’ did not materialise

11 April, 2019

• “YOU wouldn’t want the two sides to meet up” claims David Cheeseman on why he thinks a referendum would not start the Brexit healing process, (Don’t risk a second referendum, April 4).

He will be pleased to hear that his Project Fear 2.0 did not materialise in South End Green on Saturday where Open Britain and Ukip both had street stalls.

Friendly words were exchanged despite the opposing views, although there was a shared, intense, dislike of Ukip’s former leader, Nigel Farage.

Mr Cheeseman proposes that “we find a way through with a deal” but fails to acknowledge it is a hard core of European Research Group MPs who continue to hold our country to ransom.

His comments are relevant for their uncompromising deputy chair, Steve Baker MP, raged at a recent parliamentary meeting he could “tear this place down” and “bulldoze it into the river”. It is, however, sensible public debate which risks being bulldozed by the likes of Ukip.

We should use our increasingly likely participation in the European Parliament elections to show how unwelcome Ukip’s poisonous rhetoric is.



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