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The need for investment is greater now than it has ever been

05 October, 2017

• JEREMY Corbyn said at the Labour Party conference that we needed regeneration for the many, we are proud that we are doing that in Camden through investing in desperately needed schools, homes and community buildings.

The need for investment is greater now than it has ever been. Ask the children and parents whose classrooms are in portable cabins or full to bursting in West Hampstead or Somers Town.

Ask the family in Maiden Lane or Gospel Oak whose flat is damp, mouldy and in disrepair. Ask the thousands of families on the waiting list for their own home, or the young people growing up in Camden, losing hope they can afford to stay in the borough they call home.

We know there are thousands of families and communities hoping for genuine public investment in housing, community spaces and schools.

After the government slashed capital funding for Camden schools by £167million by 2012, we should all be proud that in Camden we fought back and have invested £81million into improvements to 48 schools and children’s centres in Camden.

In my ward quality new council housing is being delivered on Maiden Lane. In Gospel Oak, we built award-winning replacement homes working alongside tenants every step of the way.

We now have a £1.3billion programme of improvements to existing council homes, to build new homes, schools and community spaces, but less than 2 per cent of this funding is coming from central government.

We want to do more and our message to government is back us to build safe, quality council homes. We want to see money raised in Camden, stay in Camden. We are committed to working alongside our residents to make sure we our invest the resource we have in your communities.

As we move forward we will build proposals from the start, in partnership with residents. We will design projects together.

So that they meet the needs of those living in the area, and those in desperate need of new homes, better homes, and improved schools and public spaces.

Cabinet Member for Investing in Communities


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