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The Mulberry House School receives The AcSeed Award

03 July, 2017

The Mulberry House School, an independent school based in Hampstead, is the first school in London to be accredited in recognition of its commitment to emotional well-being and mental health (2017-2020) of its pupils.

To mark this achievement, at the school’s recent school assembly, AcSEED Chief Executive Nick Gatherer presented an award to Victoria Playford the Headteacher and Vijay Tanna, Head of Operations. The Mulberry House School is an outstanding school based in West Hampstead providing the highest standard of education and care to children between the ages of 2 and 7+ years.

It has been recognised for its continued commitment to supporting children’s emotional well-being.

The AcSEED Initiative collates experiences from young people, parents/guardians teachers/schools, and from this identifies best practices that form a minimum level of support that AcSEED recommends all schools to adopt.

Whilst the implementation of support will be tailored to the specific needs of each school, the framework of best practices provides the baseline criteria used for accrediting schools with The AcSEED Award.

“This award is valued by staff, children and parents just as much as our recent ISI inspection where we received ‘excellent’ across the board. We are delighted with the result and its recognition,” said Victoria Playford, Head Teacher.
“Having received excellent grades in all curriculum and statutory areas during a recent inspection and now to have become the first EYFS setting to receive this wonderful, worthwhile and ground-breaking award makes us, our pupils, parents and teachers feel very proud.

It is great to lead the way”, said Bethan Lewis-Powell, director and founder of The Mulberry House School. The AcSEED Initiative is a charitable organization exclusively focused on promoting the need for high quality emotional wellbeing and mental health support in UK schools and colleges, and provides recognition through The AcSEED Award to those organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to such support.

Founded by young people with lived experience of wellbeing challenges at school, the wellbeing framework defined by AcSEED encourages a whole school approach to emotional development and mental health support.

“AcSEED promotes adoption of best practices in supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of young people in schools and colleges, and provides recognition for organisations that satisfy the AcSEED criteria for wellbeing support” said Charlotte Gatherer, founder of The AcSEED Initiative.

“The AcSEED assessment team were impressed by the comprehensive wellbeing support provided by The Mulberry House School, by the targeting of wellbeing provisions to specifically address the needs of age groups within the school, and by the high degree of staff awareness and engagement which creates a very strong wellbeing ethos. We are therefore delighted to announce that The Mulberry House School has been accredited with The AcSEED Award, and becomes the first dedicated early years / preparatory school to achieve AcSEED accreditation”.

The Mulberry House School was established in 1989 at 7 Minster Road. In 1995 the second school was acquired, and is now the centre for the older children. The school has recently had another expansion and now teaches 238 inspiring pupils across the board. The School offers a planned and challenging education that is designed to enhance children’s emotional, intellectual and physical development, while preparing them for entrance to the next stage of schooling.

The Mulberry House School was inspected in March 2017 by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, following on from our ‘Outstanding’ rating in 2013, the school has been awarded ‘Excellent’ in every category of the Educational Quality Inspection.

The school underwent both an Educational Quality Inspection and a Focused Compliance Inspection.

The 2017 report on Mulberry House School by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) can be downloaded from the following link:

To find out more about The Mulberry House School, visit their website at: or call
Vijay Tanna on 0208 452 7340.

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