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The Liberal Democrats and coalition, the plot thickens

23 August, 2019

• THE Liberal Democrats party ditched its policy for free university education in return for a “seat at the table” by joining the Tories in a coalition government and shamefully enabling the disastrous and cruel austerity programme attacking our health and public services and creating “hell” for vulnerable people.

Despite this some Labour voters, including Alastair Campbell, gave their support to this bunch of opportunists at the May 23 Euro election, saying that they supported the Lib Dems’ “remain” policy.

Yet Labour’s democratically elected delegates had spent hours at the party’s 2018 conference debating, and finally deciding on, a policy aimed at uniting the thinly-divided Brexit and remain voters by leaving but working for a relationship with the EU that protects jobs and trade; a policy that guarantees full participation in the single market, opposes a no-deal Brexit and reaffirms commitment to the Good Friday Agreement, including no hard border in Ireland.

Jeremy Corbyn has stood up for this policy ever since but could not get agreement in talks with the government before Theresa May resigned. Now there is a Boris Johnson Tory government and we are looking over the precipice of a no-deal Brexit.

So Jeremy Corbyn has proposed a “coalition” of those who want to stop this: support for Labour’s motion of no confidence in the Johnson government, Labour setting up a “strictly time-limited temporary government” with the sole intention of extending Article 50 and holding a general election in which Labour would commit to a new referendum with the option of remaining in the EU.

But Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson says no! Where do the “Labour” Lib Dem voters stand on this?



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