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The Judd Street traffic scheme is to be welcomed

09 August, 2018

View of the traffic from Judd Street

• THE improvements proposed for Judd Street are important for our area, and will improve the transport options for those of us who live here, as well as the people passing through, (No entry! Backlash at plans to shut off Judd Street to cars, July 26).

If we allow the status quo to continue it will, as John Hartley says, be to the detriment of us all, (We need more sustainable, active, healthy forms of travel, August 2).

Changes to transport, and the way we move about, are urgently needed. As a local resident I want to be able to breathe well and to enjoy my area when I am out and about on our pavements and roads. Currently this is rarely the case and better provisions for walking and cycling are vital to achieve this.

We need to reduce pollution from motorised traffic and provide suitable space for walking and cycling so that it is more likely that we enjoy, and choose, these means of travel. The Judd Street proposals are an important step in achieving this and should be followed by similar plans for many other parts of our area.

We should also recognise that we live on a warming planet, as everyone in Britain has particularly experienced in recent weeks. We need to walk, cycle and use public transport more, unless we wish to face a very unpleasant future.

Decisions on transport will never please everyone, and small groups will always see some threat to their particular interests, but the Judd Street scheme will improve all of our lives in the short, medium and long term.

The sensible proposals by Camden Council are to be warmly welcomed as they provide some important steps to achieve better transport options that will help us all to breathe well, to enjoy our neighbourhood on foot and cycle, and to have a chance of a reasonable climate in the future.



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