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The invitation to talk about the streatery stands

11 September, 2020

• ADRIAN Kreutz (The streatery initiative is élitist, September 3) responded to my response to his original letter with a series of highly selective statements.

As Mr Kreutz knows, he has made repeated claims in print or on social media that the streatery initiative is élitist, exclusionary, and that local residents cannot afford to eat there.

Though there are plenty of local residents who do eat there, he conveniently ignores the consultation of residents before the streatery, the offer of streatery staff to meet him with a free drink to discuss concerns, and also the some 100 workers who would have lost their jobs were the village restaurants to go bankrupt.

Perhaps rather than misconstrue comments in an attempt to make it seem like I, and the streatery, are acting dismissively towards “those who have lost their jobs” (which my letter made no mention of), he should consider whether closing down the streatery would be a “slap in the face” for the workers who may lose their jobs as a result of a lack of business or whether he would prefer if the Belsize Village Business Association should abandon their plans, made possible by the local economic boom, to accredit new Living Wage employers.

I reiterate, rather than engage in personal attacks, implying the initiative or residents are unfairly targeting “low-income residents”, the offer to discuss things with volunteers remains open and they would welcome constructive and practical comments (which won’t include moving the streatery to streets far away from the restaurants).

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