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The council is failing in its duty to help curb motorcycle and moped crime

11 January, 2018

• TO reduce the risk of moped crime, security of motorcycles and mopeds is of vital importance.

Camden provide designated bays to allow owners of motor cycles and mopeds to park their vehicles. However while the council know where these bays are situated, they don’t know whether they are sufficient in number or in the most useful locations.

Camden can help with moped security by providing anchors in the ground at designated bays to allow owners to secure vehicles. I asked officers whether they knew which bays have the anchors fitted but alarmingly they did not. It is shameful that the council have not given this issue their attention when in a position to help with a problem police have been battling to get on top of.

Council officers are belatedly going out to check the bays which have the anchors fitted and I await the results. As I am a councillor in Hampstead Town, I have pressed for all 11 bays here to be fitted with the anchors. Camden have declined to agree to this. This is an open invitation for criminals to steal these vehicles.

Of course, a review is also required, which is for the council to conduct, as to whether more bays – secure ones at that – be installed. There is no sign of Camden investigating this. As a result of my complaint they agreed to fit the anchors to a single bay on Flask Walk where there has been reported theft but clearly this does not go far enough.

One of Camden’s primary objectives is to ensure the safety of its population but they are failing in this regard. Like all crime, moped crime is highly traumatic and terrorises people. It is time for the council to stop making excuses and play a part in fighting this problem.

Hampstead Town ward


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