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The council don’t want you to complain

07 March, 2019

Cllr Richard Olszewski

• COUNCILLOR Richard Olszewski has denied that there have been many complaints about the Town Hall’s new website, (It’s a bit like Apple and their iPhones: Camden’s response to creaking new website, February 28).

Well, I am not surprised that there have not been many complaints because if you type “complaints” into the search engine you get “no pages found”. Thus you cannot complain, at least online.

Alas, denial and ignoring complaints also extends to emails. I complained to a cabinet member that I was refused assistance to move my heavy recycling bin by a council officer who judged I was not disabled enough. I received no apology.

This week I “complained” about the content of a consultation on disability and employment and was told “we will certainly ignore your emails”.

Obviously the top echelons at the council do not want to receive complaints so they can pretend everything in the Camden garden is smelling of roses.

Gospel Oak


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