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The complacency over policing face mask use in shops makes me angry

14 August, 2020

Complacency over mask use in shops

• IN the Camden Council Coronavirus: Weekly update (CNJ, August 6) they stated that “From Saturday 8 August, the only indoor public spaces where face coverings will not be required will be in restaurants with table service, bars, and pubs.”

I have just been to Marks & Spencer’s at South End Green for the first time since lockdown, having been shielding because of being in a vulnerable group.

I made sure I wore a mask as did most of the customers. Yet inside there was a woman with no mask, touching her face then touching the produce and putting it back; and another woman with her mask down on her chin, which rendered it useless.

When I enquired from one of the M&S staff how that could be, as masks are now required, she said that it was true that masks were required but that “they did not police it”.

I felt very angry and will not shop there unless they are stricter. I feel they are endangering the life of their customers by being complacent and too indulgent with a few “rogue” customers.

I doubt if I am the only one to feel this.

Parkhill Road, NW3


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