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Disappointed by the shortsightedness of move to shutdown streatery

31 July, 2020

Belsize Village


• WE are 40-year residents of Belsize Avenue, Camden, and want to congratulate you on how wonderful, successful and economically viable the Belsize Village Streatery has been coming after months of lockdown, (‘Streatery’ up and running in Belsize village, but is it like Parisian dining? July 10).

It has brought the community back to life in a positive way and has helped all of the restaurants and residents get back on their feet. It is something we are all looking forward to participating in throughout the long recuperative summer months.

Bravo to the council which we have been supporting for many years.

We were shocked to hear that after learning it would be open through September that it would be closing it down in 12 days.

We are deeply disappointed by the shortsightedness of this move and are losing confidence in the council. It has brought the village to life and been an immense help to all of the restaurants and especially to all of the residents in the area.

The tables are carefully set apart and great care taken over social distancing. This email reflects the majority of residents we are in touch with. We all hope you will reconsider this untimely and highly disapproved move.



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