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TfL spins as the day-to-day chaos mounts at the corner

14 September, 2018

‘Who would have confidence in the ability of TfL to oversee the redevelopment of Highbury Corner?’

• THE gap is widening between Transport for London’s spin on what they perceive as “improvements” to Highbury Corner, as presented in their latest letter to local residents (August 17), and the day-to-day reality of mounting chaos.

The exasperation of local residents and business community can no longer be ignored by TfL and Islington Council. There is a renewed determination by those of us who live here to expose the incompetence of those supposedly in charge of this ill-considered and incompetently managed construction project.

Having experienced years of disruption and first-hand evidence of the shambolic management of the station project, on August 22 I responded to the letter I received from Nick Fairholme, director of projects and programmes, surface transport, at TfL.

My main objective was to achieve a meeting between Nick Fairholme and representatives of the local community to properly discuss where the station and Highbury roundabout projects have gone so terribly wrong.

The informed voice of the local community on major issues relating to environmental matters, pollution and traffic flow, for too long has been ignored in order to bulldoze through a half -baked scheme at Highbury Corner.

Meanwhile the familiar shambles in front of the station reached new heights this week. The recently paved forecourt has been dug up and is being replaced with new slabs along with new curb stones, new inspection chambers for services, and a reconstructed drop off bay – hardly a minor modification to the original design or snagging exercise.

This alone reveals an alarming lack of ongoing supervision by TfL in relation to materials, construction, levels and location. How could such vast construction errors have escalated undetected?

Based on their track record with the Highbury station works, who would have confidence in the ability of TfL to oversee the redevelopment of Highbury Corner?

I can confirm my letter to Nick Fairholme, sent recorded delivery, was received and signed for at his office the following morning but, to date after three weeks I still haven’t received a reply.In desperation I’ve provided Mayor of London Sadiq Khan with copies of my correspondence to TfL and invited his response.

Highbury Crescent, N5


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